$ TexyNode#argsProperty in class TexyNode
$ HtmlElement#attrsProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::add() — Method in class HtmlElement

Adds new element's child.

$ Image#asMaxProperty in class Image

image width and height are maximal

$ LineParser#againProperty in class LineParser
$ Modifier#attrsProperty in class Modifier
HeadingModule::afterParse() — Method in class HeadingModule
ImageModule::addReference() — Method in class ImageModule

Adds new named reference to image.

LinkModule::addReference() — Method in class LinkModule

Adds new named reference.

$ Texy#allowedProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#allowedTagsProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#allowedClassesProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#allowedStylesProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#alignClassesProperty in class Texy
Texy::addHandler() — Method in class Texy

Add new event handler.


BlockParserClass in namespace Texy

Parser for block structures.

BlockModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Special blocks module.

BlockModule::beforeBlockParse() — Method in class BlockModule

Single block pre-processing.

BlockQuoteModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Blockquote module.

EmoticonModule::beforeParse() — Method in class EmoticonModule
$ HeadingModule#balancingProperty in class HeadingModule

balancing mode

HeadingModule::beforeParse() — Method in class HeadingModule
$ HtmlOutputModule#baseIndentProperty in class HtmlOutputModule

base indent level

ImageModule::beforeParse() — Method in class ImageModule

Text pre-processing.

LinkModule::beforeParse() — Method in class LinkModule

Text pre-processing.

$ ListModule#bulletsProperty in class ListModule
ListModule::beforeParse() — Method in class ListModule
TypographyModule::beforeParse() — Method in class TypographyModule

Text pre-processing.

$ Texy#blockModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#blockQuoteModuleProperty in class Texy


$ TexyNode#contentProperty in class TexyNode
TexyNode::create() — Method in class TexyNode
ConfiguratorClass in namespace Texy

Texy basic configurators.

$ HtmlElement#childrenProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::create() — Method in class HtmlElement

Creates and adds a new HtmlElement child.

HtmlElement::count() — Method in class HtmlElement

Required by the Countable interface.

$ Modifier#classesProperty in class Modifier
$ Modifier#citeProperty in class Modifier
BlockQuoteModule::citeLink() — Method in class BlockQuoteModule

Converts cite source to URL.

$ EmoticonModule#classProperty in class EmoticonModule
$ FigureModule#classProperty in class FigureModule

non-floated box CSS class

$ HorizLineModule#classesProperty in class HorizLineModule
HtmlOutputModule::cb() — Method in class HtmlOutputModule

Callback function: | | .

$ TableCellElement#colSpanProperty in class TableCellElement
Texy::checkURL() — Method in class Texy

Filters bad URLs.


Configurator::disableLinks() — Method in class Configurator

Disable all links.

Configurator::disableImages() — Method in class Configurator

Disable all images.

Modifier::decorate() — Method in class Modifier

Decorates HtmlElement element.

$ ImageModule#defaultAltProperty in class ImageModule

default alternative text


$ HtmlElement#emptyElementsProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::el() — Method in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::endTag() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns element's end tag.

$ Modifier#elAttrsProperty in class Modifier
EmoticonModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Emoticon module.

$ TableModule#evenClassProperty in class TableModule
$ Parser#elementProperty in class Parser
$ Texy#emoticonModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::escapeHtml() — Method in class Texy


Helpers::freezeSpaces() — Method in class Helpers

Translate all white spaces (\t \n \r space) to meta-spaces \x01-\x04.

$ EmoticonModule#fileRootProperty in class EmoticonModule
FigureModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

The captioned figures.

$ ImageModule#fileRootProperty in class ImageModule

physical location of images on server

ImageModule::factoryImage() — Method in class ImageModule

Parses image's syntax. Input: small.jpg 80x13 || linked.jpg

$ LinkModule#forceNoFollowProperty in class LinkModule

always use rel="nofollow" for absolute links?

LinkModule::factoryLink() — Method in class LinkModule
$ Texy#figureModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::freezeSpaces() — Method in class Texy


TexyExtension::getTags() — Method in class TexyExtension
TexyExtension::getFilters() — Method in class TexyExtension
TexyExtension::getProviders() — Method in class TexyExtension
TexyNode::getIterator() — Method in class TexyNode
HandlerInvocation::getParser() — Method in class HandlerInvocation
HandlerInvocation::getTexy() — Method in class HandlerInvocation
HtmlElement::getName() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns element's name.

HtmlElement::getAttribute() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns element's attribute.

HtmlElement::getText() — Method in class HtmlElement

Gets element's textual content.

HtmlElement::getIterator() — Method in class HtmlElement

Required by the IteratorAggregate interface.

HtmlElement::getChildren() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns all of children.

HtmlElement::getContentType() — Method in class HtmlElement
$ HeadingModule#generateIDProperty in class HeadingModule
ImageModule::getReference() — Method in class ImageModule

Returns named reference.

LinkModule::getReference() — Method in class LinkModule

Returns named reference.

Parser::getTexy() — Method in class Parser
Texy::getOutputMode() — Method in class Texy
Texy::getLinePatterns() — Method in class Texy
Texy::getBlockPatterns() — Method in class Texy
Texy::getDOM() — Method in class Texy
Texy::getDTD() — Method in class Texy
Texy::getAllowedProps() — Method in class Texy


HandlerInvocationClass in namespace Texy

Around advice handlers.

HelpersClass in namespace Texy
HtmlElementClass in namespace Texy

HTML helper.

HtmlElement::href() — Method in class HtmlElement

Special setter for element's attribute.

$ Image#heightProperty in class Image

optional image height

$ Modifier#hAlignProperty in class Modifier
HeadingModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Heading module.

HorizLineModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Horizontal line module.

HtmlModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Html tags module.

HtmlOutputModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

HTML output

$ Texy#htmlModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#headingModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#horizLineModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#htmlOutputModuleProperty in class Texy


BlockParser::isIndented() — Method in class BlockParser
TexyMacro::install() — Method in class TexyMacro
Helpers::isRelative() — Method in class Helpers

Is given URL relative?

$ HtmlElement#inlineElementsProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::isEmpty() — Method in class HtmlElement

Is element empty?

HtmlElement::insert() — Method in class HtmlElement

Inserts child node.

ImageClass in namespace Texy
$ Modifier#idProperty in class Modifier
$ EmoticonModule#iconsProperty in class EmoticonModule
$ HeadingModule#idPrefixProperty in class HeadingModule

prefix for autogenerated ID

$ HtmlOutputModule#indentProperty in class HtmlOutputModule

indent HTML code?

ImageModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Images module.

$ LinkModule#imageClassProperty in class LinkModule

linked image class

$ Texy#imageModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::invokeAroundHandlers() — Method in class Texy

Invoke registered around-handlers.

Texy::invokeHandlers() — Method in class Texy

Invoke registered after-handlers.

Texy::isRelative() — Method in class Texy


$ Image#linkedURLProperty in class Image

anchored image URL

LineParserClass in namespace Texy

Parser for single line structures.

LinkClass in namespace Texy
$ Link#labelProperty in class Link

optional label, used by references

$ FigureModule#leftClassProperty in class FigureModule

left-floated box CSS class

$ HeadingModule#levelsProperty in class HeadingModule
$ HtmlOutputModule#lineWrapProperty in class HtmlOutputModule

wrap width, doesn't include indent space

$ ImageModule#linkedRootProperty in class ImageModule

root of linked images (http)

$ ImageModule#leftClassProperty in class ImageModule

left-floated images CSS class

LinkModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Links module.

ListModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Ordered / unordered nested list module.

LongWordsModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Long words wrap module.

$ PhraseModule#linksAllowedProperty in class PhraseModule
$ TypographyModule#localesProperty in class TypographyModule
$ TypographyModule#localeProperty in class TypographyModule
$ Texy#linkModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#listModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#longWordsModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::loadModules() — Method in class Texy

Create array of all used modules ($this->modules).


BlockParser::moveBackward() — Method in class BlockParser
$ Image#modifierProperty in class Image
$ Link#modifierProperty in class Link
ModifierClass in namespace Texy

Modifier processor.

ModuleClass in namespace Texy

Texy! modules base class.

$ HeadingModule#moreMeansHigherProperty in class HeadingModule

surrounded headings: more #### means higher heading

Regexp::match() — Method in class Regexp

Performs a regular expression match.

$ Texy#mergeLinesProperty in class Texy

Paragraph merging mode


BlockParser::next() — Method in class BlockParser
Helpers::normalize() — Method in class Helpers

Removes special controls characters and normalizes line endings and spaces.

$ Image#nameProperty in class Image
$ Link#nameProperty in class Link

reference name (if is stored as reference)

$ Texy#nontextParagraphProperty in class Texy
Texy::normalize() — Method in class Texy


Helpers::outdent() — Method in class Helpers

Outdents text block.

$ HtmlElement#optionalEndsProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::offsetSet() — Method in class HtmlElement

Inserts (replaces) child node (ArrayAccess implementation).

HtmlElement::offsetGet() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns child node (ArrayAccess implementation).

HtmlElement::offsetExists() — Method in class HtmlElement

Exists child node? (ArrayAccess implementation).

HtmlElement::offsetUnset() — Method in class HtmlElement

Removes child node (ArrayAccess implementation).

$ TableModule#oddClassProperty in class TableModule
$ Texy#obfuscateEmailProperty in class Texy

Do obfuscate e-mail addresses?

Texy::outdent() — Method in class Texy


$ BlockParser#patternsProperty in class BlockParser
BlockParser::parse() — Method in class BlockParser
TexyNode::print() — Method in class TexyNode
HandlerInvocation::proceed() — Method in class HandlerInvocation
Helpers::prependRoot() — Method in class Helpers

Prepends root to URL, if possible.

$ HtmlElement#prohibitsProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::parseLine() — Method in class HtmlElement

Parses text as single line.

HtmlElement::parseBlock() — Method in class HtmlElement

Parses text as block.

$ LineParser#patternsProperty in class LineParser
LineParser::parse() — Method in class LineParser
BlockModule::pattern() — Method in class BlockModule

Callback for:.

BlockQuoteModule::pattern() — Method in class BlockQuoteModule

Callback for:.

EmoticonModule::pattern() — Method in class EmoticonModule

Callback for: :-))).

FigureModule::pattern() — Method in class FigureModule

Callback for [image]:link *** .... .(title)[class]{style}>.

HeadingModule::patternUnderline() — Method in class HeadingModule

Callback for underlined heading.

HeadingModule::patternSurround() — Method in class HeadingModule

Callback for surrounded heading.

HorizLineModule::pattern() — Method in class HorizLineModule

Callback for: -------.

$ HtmlModule#passCommentProperty in class HtmlModule

pass HTML comments to output?

HtmlModule::patternComment() — Method in class HtmlModule

Callback for: .

HtmlModule::patternTag() — Method in class HtmlModule

Callback for: .

$ HtmlOutputModule#preserveSpacesProperty in class HtmlOutputModule
HtmlOutputModule::postProcess() — Method in class HtmlOutputModule

Converts ... ... .

ImageModule::patternReferenceDef() — Method in class ImageModule

Callback for: [image]: urls .(title)[class]{style}.

ImageModule::patternImage() — Method in class ImageModule

Callback for [* small.jpg 80x13 || big.jpg .(alternative text)[class]{style}>]:LINK.

LinkModule::patternReferenceDef() — Method in class LinkModule

Callback for: [la trine]: http://www.latrine.cz/ text odkazu .(title)[class]{style}.

LinkModule::patternReference() — Method in class LinkModule

Callback for: [ref].

LinkModule::patternUrlEmail() — Method in class LinkModule

Callback for: http://davidgrudl.com david@grudl.com.

ListModule::patternList() — Method in class ListModule

Callback for:.

ListModule::patternDefList() — Method in class ListModule

Callback for:.

ListModule::patternItem() — Method in class ListModule

Callback for single list item.

LongWordsModule::postLine() — Method in class LongWordsModule
LongWordsModule::pattern() — Method in class LongWordsModule

Callback for long words.

ParagraphModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Paragraph module.

ParagraphModule::process() — Method in class ParagraphModule
PhraseModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Phrases module.

PhraseModule::patternPhrase() — Method in class PhraseModule

Callback for: .... .(title)[class]{style}:LINK.

PhraseModule::patternSupSub() — Method in class PhraseModule

Callback for: any^2 any_2.

PhraseModule::patternNoTexy() — Method in class PhraseModule
ScriptModule::pattern() — Method in class ScriptModule

Callback for: {{...}}.

TableModule::patternTable() — Method in class TableModule

Callback for:.

TypographyModule::postLine() — Method in class TypographyModule
ParserClass in namespace Texy

Texy parser base class.

PatternsClass in namespace Texy

Regular expression patterns

$ Texy#paragraphModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#phraseModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::process() — Method in class Texy

Converts document in Texy! to (X)HTML code.

Texy::processLine() — Method in class Texy

Converts single line in Texy! to (X)HTML code.

Texy::processTypo() — Method in class Texy

Makes only typographic corrections.

Texy::protect() — Method in class Texy

Generate unique mark - useful for freezing (folding) some substrings.

Texy::prependRoot() — Method in class Texy


HtmlElement::removeChildren() — Method in class HtmlElement

Removed all children.

$ Link#rawProperty in class Link

URL as written in text

$ EmoticonModule#rootProperty in class EmoticonModule
$ FigureModule#rightClassProperty in class FigureModule

right-floated box CSS class

$ HtmlOutputModule#removeOptionalProperty in class HtmlOutputModule
$ ImageModule#rootProperty in class ImageModule

root of relative images (http)

$ ImageModule#rightClassProperty in class ImageModule

right-floated images CSS class

$ LinkModule#rootProperty in class LinkModule

root of relative links

$ TableCellElement#rowSpanProperty in class TableCellElement
RegexpClass in namespace Texy
Regexp::replace() — Method in class Regexp

Perform a regular expression search and replace.

$ Texy#removeSoftHyphensProperty in class Texy

remove soft hyphens (SHY)?

Texy::registerLinePattern() — Method in class Texy
Texy::registerBlockPattern() — Method in class Texy
Texy::registerPostLine() — Method in class Texy


$ Configurator#safeTagsProperty in class Configurator
Configurator::safeMode() — Method in class Configurator

Configure Texy! for web comments and other usages, where input text may insert attacker.

HtmlElement::setName() — Method in class HtmlElement

Changes element's name.

HtmlElement::setAttribute() — Method in class HtmlElement

Sets element's attribute.

HtmlElement::setText() — Method in class HtmlElement

Sets element's textual content.

HtmlElement::startTag() — Method in class HtmlElement

Returns element's start tag.

$ Modifier#stylesProperty in class Modifier
Modifier::setProperties() — Method in class Modifier
BlockModule::solve() — Method in class BlockModule

Finish invocation.

EmoticonModule::solve() — Method in class EmoticonModule

Finish invocation.

FigureModule::solve() — Method in class FigureModule

Finish invocation.

HeadingModule::solve() — Method in class HeadingModule

Finish invocation.

HorizLineModule::solve() — Method in class HorizLineModule

Finish invocation.

HtmlModule::solveTag() — Method in class HtmlModule

Finish invocation.

HtmlModule::solveComment() — Method in class HtmlModule

Finish invocation.

ImageModule::solve() — Method in class ImageModule

Finish invocation.

$ LinkModule#shortenProperty in class LinkModule

shorten URLs to more readable form?

LinkModule::solve() — Method in class LinkModule

Finish invocation.

LinkModule::solveUrlEmail() — Method in class LinkModule

Finish invocation.

LinkModule::solveNewReference() — Method in class LinkModule

Finish invocation.

ParagraphModule::solve() — Method in class ParagraphModule

Finish invocation.

PhraseModule::solve() — Method in class PhraseModule

Finish invocation.

ScriptModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Scripts module.

$ ScriptModule#separatorProperty in class ScriptModule

arguments separator

ScriptModule::solve() — Method in class ScriptModule

Finish invocation.

Regexp::split() — Method in class Regexp

Splits string by a regular expression.

StrictClass in namespace Texy

Better OOP experience.

$ Texy#summaryProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#scriptModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::setOutputMode() — Method in class Texy
Texy::stringToHtml() — Method in class Texy

Converts internal string representation to final HTML code.

Texy::stringToText() — Method in class Texy

Converts internal string representation to final HTML code.


TexyClass in namespace [Global Namespace]
TexyExtensionClass in namespace Texy\Bridges\Latte

Macro {texy} ... {/texy} for Latte v3

TexyExtension::texyFilter() — Method in class TexyExtension
TexyMacroClass in namespace Texy\Bridges\Latte

Macro {texy} ... {/texy} for Latte v2

TexyMacro::texyOpened() — Method in class TexyMacro
TexyMacro::texyClosed() — Method in class TexyMacro
TexyNodeClass in namespace Texy\Bridges\Latte

{texy} ... {/texy}

Helpers::toLower() — Method in class Helpers

StrToLower in UTF-8.

Helpers::toAscii() — Method in class Helpers

Converts UTF-8 to ASCII.

$ HtmlElement#transparentProperty in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::toString() — Method in class HtmlElement

Renders element's start tag, content and end tag to internal string representation.

HtmlElement::toHtml() — Method in class HtmlElement

Renders to final HTML.

HtmlElement::toText() — Method in class HtmlElement

Renders to final text.

$ Link#typeProperty in class Link

how was link created?

$ Modifier#titleProperty in class Modifier
$ Module#texyProperty in class Module
$ HeadingModule#titleProperty in class HeadingModule

textual content of first heading

$ HeadingModule#TOCProperty in class HeadingModule
$ HeadingModule#topProperty in class HeadingModule

level of top heading, 1..6

$ PhraseModule#tagsProperty in class PhraseModule
TableCellElementClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Table cell TD / TH.

$ TableCellElement#textProperty in class TableCellElement
TableModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Table module.

TypographyModuleClass in namespace Texy\Modules

Typography replacements module.

$ Parser#texyProperty in class Parser
TexyClass in namespace Texy

Texy! - Convert plain text to HTML format using process().

$ Texy#tabWidthProperty in class Texy

TAB width (for converting tabs to spaces)

$ Texy#tableModuleProperty in class Texy
$ Texy#typographyModuleProperty in class Texy
Texy::toText() — Method in class Texy

Converts DOM structure to pure text.


Helpers::unescapeHtml() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::unfreezeSpaces() — Method in class Helpers

Reverts meta-spaces back to normal spaces.

$ Image#URLProperty in class Image

base image URL

$ Link#URLProperty in class Link

URL in resolved form

$ Texy#urlSchemeFiltersProperty in class Texy
Texy::unProtect() — Method in class Texy
Texy::unfreezeSpaces() — Method in class Texy
Texy::unescapeHtml() — Method in class Texy


HtmlElement::validateAttrs() — Method in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::validateChild() — Method in class HtmlElement
$ Modifier#vAlignProperty in class Modifier


Helpers::webalize() — Method in class Helpers

Converts to web safe characters [a-z0-9-] text.

$ Image#widthProperty in class Image

optional image width

$ FigureModule#widthDeltaProperty in class FigureModule

how calculate div's width

HtmlOutputModule::wrap() — Method in class HtmlOutputModule

Callback function: wrap lines.

$ LongWordsModule#wordLimitProperty in class LongWordsModule
Texy::webalize() — Method in class Texy


BlockParser::__construct() — Method in class BlockParser
TexyExtension::__construct() — Method in class TexyExtension
TexyMacro::__construct() — Method in class TexyMacro
Configurator::__construct() — Method in class Configurator

static class.

HandlerInvocation::__construct() — Method in class HandlerInvocation
Helpers::__construct() — Method in class Helpers
HtmlElement::__construct() — Method in class HtmlElement
HtmlElement::__set() — Method in class HtmlElement

Overloaded setter for element's attribute.

HtmlElement::__get() — Method in class HtmlElement

Overloaded getter for element's attribute.

HtmlElement::__clone() — Method in class HtmlElement

Clones all children too.

Image::__construct() — Method in class Image
Image::__clone() — Method in class Image
LineParser::__construct() — Method in class LineParser
Link::__construct() — Method in class Link
Link::__clone() — Method in class Link
Modifier::__construct() — Method in class Modifier
BlockModule::__construct() — Method in class BlockModule
BlockQuoteModule::__construct() — Method in class BlockQuoteModule
EmoticonModule::__construct() — Method in class EmoticonModule
FigureModule::__construct() — Method in class FigureModule
HeadingModule::__construct() — Method in class HeadingModule
HorizLineModule::__construct() — Method in class HorizLineModule
HtmlModule::__construct() — Method in class HtmlModule
HtmlOutputModule::__construct() — Method in class HtmlOutputModule
ImageModule::__construct() — Method in class ImageModule
LinkModule::__construct() — Method in class LinkModule
ListModule::__construct() — Method in class ListModule
LongWordsModule::__construct() — Method in class LongWordsModule
ParagraphModule::__construct() — Method in class ParagraphModule
PhraseModule::__construct() — Method in class PhraseModule
ScriptModule::__construct() — Method in class ScriptModule
TableModule::__construct() — Method in class TableModule
TypographyModule::__construct() — Method in class TypographyModule
Strict::__call() — Method in class Strict

Call to undefined method.

Strict::__callStatic() — Method in class Strict

Call to undefined static method.

Strict::__get() — Method in class Strict

Access to undeclared property.

Strict::__set() — Method in class Strict

Access to undeclared property.

Strict::__isset() — Method in class Strict
Strict::__unset() — Method in class Strict

Access to undeclared property.

Texy::__construct() — Method in class Texy
Texy::__clone() — Method in class Texy